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Case Study

A spa for hens

Alba de Cerrato, in Palencia, has already made a new inhabitant, a neighbor who has been adapting her schedule to that of her 1,160 hens for three years. A personal commitment takes place on a 12,000 square meters farm, three warehouses, and a new packaging center that will be inaugurated shortly, creating a new job.

When Laura Polo was a child and passed by 'Venta Pepín', on the border between Palencia, and Cantabria, in the Potes area, she used to say: "If one day I have a business, I'm going to call it Pepín", and she did. In 2017 she opened her business, Granja Pepín. A free-range free-range free-range hens, located in the municipality of Alba de Cerrato (Palencia), which has become her commitment.

Laura was born in Palencia. She studied an intermediate degree in Administration and another in Commerce, and Marketing, and worked in commerce, in Palencia, and Bilbao, where she already lived with her partner. Although she liked her job, she had a special sensitivity towards animals that she wanted to develop.

When her partner returned to Alba de Cerrato for work reasons, they thought it was the work, they thought it was the right time to start a business, and they set up the first free-range hens farm in Palencia. 

Poultry farmer, and self-taught

For the last three years, she has had to adapt her timetable to that of her hens. Laura starts her day at half past six in the morning, and, on many days, at nine o'clock in the evening, she is still around the animals.

Most of her days are spent on the 12,000 square meters that her father-in-law gave her to set up a farm his father-in-law to set up a farm with three sheds and 1,160 hens.

It was Laura's first time was her first entrepreneurial venture, and she was completely unfamiliar with this world, but she opted for them because she thought they were a simple animal to work with. For this reason, she took several courses on how to join the farm business and on animal welfare, to which he added hours and hours of reading and self-training.

"Training is essential because if you don't acquire a minimum of knowledge, you are very lost in the end", she acknowledges and stresses that "a farm is not the same as having four hens in a pen that you feed, add water, and forget about them. A farm is different; there are a lot of animals, and If you don't manage them well, they can cause problems.

To distinguish himself in the business, he opted for free-range hens, to which he provides the treatment, and living conditions appropriate to their needs, always in line with his defense of animal welfare.

She sells almost all of her products locally. She distributes it herself, twice a week, to local shops, a restaurant, and private individuals.

"I go to customers' houses or their work, and I love it when they ask about my chickens.

Consistent and patient

This entrepreneur from Palencia acknowledges that she has not had to suffer the problem of having to buy a house like other villagers because before going to live in Bilbao, together with her partner they bought a small bodega to restore it. Now, they have converted it into a private home, still conserving the cellar.

The winery.

He started the business with the first warehouse that they built themselves, taking advice via the internet. Subsequently, they bought two other mobile warehouses, which they bought from a company in Zaragoza that imports them from France, which is "very well equipped," in Laura's words. "If I had known from the beginning, I would have put them all in the same place,” she assures us.

All the investment has been made by herself with her funds. However, she also accessed a grant from the Junta de Castilla y León after setting up the farm for being a woman and having an entrepreneurial project

Key Take-Aways

Local products



Rural development, and circular economy

Green entrepreneur

Learning Outcome

It was Laura's first time she had undertaken, and she opted for the chickens because she thought it was a simple a simple animal to work with.

She starts at half past six in the morning, and, on many days, at nine o'clock at night, she is still with the animals.

She intends to set up the packing center with an egg grader egg sorting machine and to leave the motorhome because he has outgrown it.

"When you do what you really like, you are much happier than before”.

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