Green Evolution SA - Greece

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Green Evolution SA - Greece

Case Study

The Green Evolution green business was founded in 2009 and is one of the few companies in Greece that offers specialized techno-economic services to businesses regarding the calculation and reduction of their carbon footprint, renewable energy, energy saving, and energy efficiency. Although the company had people with specialized scientific knowledge to meet the market’s needs, it recruited staff with appropriate financial and legal knowledge. Since initially, the area of carbon footprint calculation and reduction in the company was relatively unknown in Greece; the company has adapted itself accordingly. To survive, it resorted to more traditional routes that continue today, such as biomass studies, etc. 

Through its network of partners around the world, Green Evolution can undertake the technical, financial, and legal evaluation of the actual credit production potential of any project in Greece or abroad, as well as the management of rights and emission rights of different markets and origins.

The reasons why such a specialized company is successful lies in the combination of elements: (a) innovation: it introduces innovations in the Greek market, such as the measurement of the carbon footprint of a website, both server, and network, (b) extroversion: in addition to Greek companies, the company has developed strategic partnerships in the transfer of know-how with large foreign companies, and (c) the stable preference, and trust of customers: customers, who remain loyal due to the quality of the services provided, constitute part of the green marketing dynamic.

Key Take-Aways

The key takeaways of the Green Evolution case study are the following:

  • Nowadays, one can find specialized businesses in Greece that provide techno-economic expertise, helping with minimizing of the environmental footprint

  • Thorough planning requires expertise, specified knowledge, financial, and legal guidance, and in general, consulting

  • Innovation is key for the succession of a business, even though it might seem risky at the beginning

  • The succession of the business also lies in its most significant part on the various marketing strategies that should be followed

  • Green marketing strategies have a positive impression and enhance the customers’ trust

Learning Outcome

The core learning outcome deriving from the Green Evolution case study is that green entrepreneurship is the only way for economically and environmentally viable businesses. The development of green businesses requires careful planning, seeking of the right consulting, trust in experts, acquiring of the proper knowledge, and being constantly up-to-date.

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