Workshop-Green Entrepreneurship

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Workshop-Green Entrepreneurship
Workshop scenario 1



The objectives of the workshop are the following:

  • The acquaintance with the basic principles of circular economy and sustainability

  • The opportunity to implement these principles in a real example

  • The opportunity to come up with innovative ideas, personalised on a sector or a subject

  • Co-working spirit

  • The perception of addressing a public authority for the satisfaction of a request


Facilitation steps

It consists of an interesting brainstorming interactive session, in which young people are forming a group. The workshop is personalised for the needs of a city, in order for young people to actually think through the Circular Economy, and share their thoughts and ideas.

All participants should think of the current status of a given city, and then provide solutions in order for the city to be more circular and sustainable. Each participant is allocated to a different sector, as energy, transportation, housing, tourism, catering, agriculture and he/she should come up with suggestions to turn his/her sector greener, given the circumstances of a city. It is a great opportunity to show our understanding on CE, review practical examples, map the current status, and come up with innovative ideas.

The workshop’s theme is to visualize a sustainable future for the city. All participants should find suggestions and solutions, and map the existing circumstances of the city. Later on, all participants co-work on a strategy suggestion, which would be allegedly submitted to the mayor of the city. The participants present orally their ideas, as well as in written form, to the facilitator, who is the final recipient of the suggestions and the ‘judge’.

Every participant has to choose a topic (transportation, hotels, culture etc.), and present the partnerships suggestions on a sustainable future, and the session could be recorded.

Interactive brainstorming session with the need of collaboration

The facilitator of the workshop serves as the recipient of the ‘proposal bill’, and he/she is the one to provide the final judgement regarding the suggested ideas, based on the principles of circular economy.

Workshop scenario 2



The objectives of the Green Your Business Board game are the following:

  • The motivation for a brainstorming session regarding green business ideas

  • The development of relevant suggestion in a fun way through games

  • The interaction with the mentors/trainers through playing board games, so that they can express the ideas more freely, without the fear of the actual judgement, since the suggestions are being developed in the framework of playing

Printer, paper, computer for the illustration of the board game and cards, scissors, dice

Facilitation steps

The facilitation steps of the Green Your Business Board Game are the following:

  • The first step is the digital development of the board game, and the cards

  • The general idea of the board game is the perception of a company/business

  • Every participant is allocated to a certain business department (production, legal, marketing, policy making, HR, quality control, risk management)

  • The mentor/trainer is the ‘judge’ of the ideas

  • The cards contain some basic questions that can be applied in every department regarding on what the participant would suggest for the enhancement of sustainability in their department (e.g., How would you replace paper? What would you do with your paper residues? What method would you recommend for the development of a green mentality to your employees?)

  • The participant rolls the dice, collects a card, answers the question, and once the mentor finds the answer adequate, moves forward

  • The first participate who makes it to the end has the ‘winning’ department

  • The overall of the board game is that at the end, the participants form a whole policy for the total of the company/business

Interactive board game, collaboration, critical thinking

One/two mentors/experts could be defined as the ‘judges’ of the green business ideas and suggestions the participants express, and the dice indicates the steps ‘front’ or ‘backwards.’

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